About me

Have you ever longed for the next meal you’re gonna have, even before you have finished your current?

​Hey, folks! I’m Daniel, the author of this website, an avid fan of eating & travelling! I always have this strong craving for all the unlimited amount of great food that are available & constantly seek the best of the best, to savour in!To me, eating is an art, and definitely not for the sake of just satisfying your tummy! It must be worth the amount of fats that are being digested & the reason why you ate!

Foodchiak.com is all about my experiences & encounters with great food and travel that I wish to share with all of you!


Savouring delicious Thai Boat Noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ)

Introduction to Foodchiak.com


​​​​​Foodchiak is an inspirational name derived from the fusional blend between the English word, “Food” and the Hokkien dialect, “Chiak”, which literally translates to “Eat” in English, or is more commonly known as 吃” in Chinese! The significance behind this name revolves around the typical Singapore context of eating good food!​As I was born & bred in Singapore for the past 20 years, I have decided to start out this website that would mainly based around in Singapore, to document down my search for great food! Occasionally, I would also fulfil my other passion for travel, to visit the many different countries & cities for exotic food while also to learn more about their rich heritage and culture!

Through this exciting journey of many food that has yet to come, be it something that was familiar or tasted by yourself, I will share with all of you my experiences & encounter, and hopefully you will discover new findings that will bring you as much joy as I had!

Always do remember that if you have ever tasted something that is not to your liking, it is always considered as an experience or even an achievement which is the same in life! Without further ado, let’s join me on this epic journey!

Navigating around Foodchiak.com

​Navigating around Foodchiak.com has never being as easy as before, as I have specially classify it under my main-menu options that could be easily accessible from the header bar, located at the top! Below are my main classification as follows:​

  • Home – It will feature my most recent-happening of my food journey shown in a quick glance under “Latest Buzz” !
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  • PR/Media – An overview of my past collaborations, featuring Media invitations, Sponsorships & Advertorials!
  • About – Do get to know a little better and a quick background overview of myself!
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It’s me, Daniel!

​​Like any other young adults out there, I have a passion for savouring great food of all cuisines & the desire for travel to explore things & broaden my horizon! I started to appreciate the great love for food when I was 15 years old & grew a great fond to start exploring in the constant search for the best of the best food during my college days at the age of 17!

Growing up in a family where we enjoy eating & the appreciation towards the great love for food especially for my father, I was indeed blessed to have found the same passion as well! Our passionate love for eating goes way out to the miles where we can travel from one end to the other end of Singapore to just satisfy our tummy!


Long Jiang Mian (龍江面家)

“One of the most extreme road-trip we had, was to travel 250km North to Tampin, Malaysia from Singapore just for a legendary bowl of Wanton Mee!”​

The love for food!

Through the love for food, I have discovered numerous amazing lessons to learn from, such as how simple & delicate a dish could be, and it all depends on the amount of effort invested & the passion to make it better! For example, a simple dish such as a plate of chicken rice is so commonly available at almost any food-centre stalls but what does it differentiate between some stalls that stands out from the rest?

Most would agree that some stalls did better because they had their own secret recipe which is true to a certain extent, but behind each secret recipe that is being carefully crafted, lies the amount of passion & effort that has been invested to create the end product of a perfect dish. Indeed, maintaining the taste & standard of each dish would definitely be one of the most paramount concern & challenge that every chef faces!

Personally, for myself, I strongly believe that great delicious food does not necessary have to be expensive nor must it be served at a high end lavish restaurant! Throughout my past few years journey in the search for great food, I have come across equally delicious food that are being served at a local food stall & also at a fraction of the price!

Some food visit encounter also left me a bizarre experience when great food does not necessary equate to “Great Service”, but still does not lack in long line of customer awaiting to dine in.

More about me

I was born in the year 1994 in Singapore and had spent my childhood & growing up years here while attending public education.

​I started to appreciate the great love for food in the year 2009 when I was 15 years old & grew a great fond to explore food in the year 2011, at the age of 17.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the Singapore Management University (SMU), while chasing after my passion in the extraordinaire of the Food & Travel scene!

I have always admired the rich Japanese culture & the way of life, and thus have plans in future to get a Permanent Resident Pass in Japan to experience a different life there!