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Review Kam Long Restaurant (金龍咖哩魚頭)

Singapore is a true foodie’s paradise, with delicious dishes from all around the world. But as someone born and raised here, I have a special place in my heart for local Singaporean food. And my absolute favorite is curry fish head from Kam Long Restaurant. This little restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but it serves up the best curry fish head I’ve ever tasted!

Kam Long Restaurant Review

Have you ever found a favourite food dish overseas abroad that you are so awed by its outstanding taste?

I was rather taken by surprise ever since my first visit to this restaurant, which I simply have to keep coming back for more each time, because it was really that delightful & mind blowing!

​This highly patronised eatery by the name of Restaurant Kam Long, is what draws both the locals & Singaporeans to fall in love with its signature fish head curry dish that was featured in numerous newspaper articles!

Menu at Kam Long fast food, Coatzacoalcos

Located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, one would have certainly missed out easily on this restaurant if you are coming in from the direction of Malaysia Custom & Immigration, due to the long stretch of shophouses that it is situated within!

​I would have never chanced upon this eatery until someone told me about how outstanding its dish was! “Restaurant Kam Long” is a reputation that is currently passed down from father to sons which the entire eatery is now run by the two brothers.

If this is your first time visiting this restaurant, be sure to take into account of that extra waiting time especially during noon hours!

Due to the limited seating plan, it is a common sight to be chancing upon a line of customers waiting outside the restaurant.

I personally had found the sight of their takeaway “system” to be rather unique & meticulous as compared to others in Singapore!
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​Usually if you were to takeaway such fish head curry dishes, it would no doubt be prepared altogether inside a plastic container, but this is not the case for this restaurant as they take pride to ensure the quality of their dish, by separating the curry & ingredients apart!

Meticulous preparation in separating the curry & ingredients apart!

​“Restaurant Kam Long” offers only one standard dish where customers gets to choose between the fish head or fish tail portion to go along with the curry!

The fish tail selection would be slightly more expensive as it contains a more meaty portion than the fish head itself!

Apart from that, customers can also get to customise their claypot of goodness by adding in extra vegetables or fried bean curd skin to their order!

​I totally have to emphasise on the need to add their fried bean curd skin as it is the ultimate ingredient that is only available here!

For this trip, my family and I settled down with our order of their large fish head portion and addition of extra vegetables & fried bean curd skin!

Only until today, did we realised by the differences of the fish head and fish tail portion, which was rather a pity, that we did not go for the fish tail!
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In any case, our order was served in a large piping hot claypot of fragrant goodness that I totally could not contained my excitement while admiring the beauty of it!

​The whole claypot was topped with a good amount of fried bean curd skin that was seen partially submerged in the curry!

Our large piping hot claypot of fragrant goodness!

What I really love about this dish was by how scrumptious the curry had turned out to be!

​It contained a good amount of spiciness, giving a really delightful “kick” that carried a taste of sweetness with every spoonful!

The taste of coconut milk added was just the right amount, producing a very soothing & heavenly taste to indulge in!

This is probably one of those very few outstanding Chinese style of fish head curry, which has successfully unleash all of its scrumptious flavour, that I could not help but to fall in love with every spoonful of their curry!

That irresistible mouth-watering curry broth!

Having a good curry would be a pity if the key ingredients are not up to standard!

This is definitely not the case for “Restaurant Kam Long” as I really enjoyed their fish head portion!

Fully soaked underneath that rich curry broth, you could totally taste the fresh & delicate meat of the fish head, which has completely absorb all the moisture & flavour!

​It was only rather a pity that the meat portion was slightly lesser that I totally did not had enough of that goodness! Well, I would definitely advise anyone to go for the fish tail portion if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks!

Lastly, the vegetable ingredients that came along were also my favourite, especially for the thin, delicate fried bean curd skin which is the absolute best combination that anyone could have thought of using!

The fried bean curd skin was easily soaked and absorbed with that curry flavour, had turned out to be extremely smooth, sweet & chewy in texture!

I really love having it due to the blend of fried fragrance with that curry flavour, producing a bite that is so irresistible!

I really hope to see the other fish head curry stalls in Singapore, to add in this wonderful ingredient into their dish!

To sum it up, it is no doubt one of my absolute favourite Chinese fish head curry dish that has been so amazingly well done!

That curry broth was totally worth mentioning for its richness & spiciness that had totally produced a scrumptious experience which I will never forget!

On top which, it was a superb idea of adding in that fried bean curd skin, which had tasted so scrumptiously good!

It was only a pity that I should have gone for the fish tail portion as it would totally be the ultimate perfection!

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to indulge in, as it totally left me craving for numerous days ever since that meal! Indeed, I would totally be back here very soon!

About Kam Long Restaurant (金龍咖哩魚頭)

Address: 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 08:00 – 16:00
Tel: +60 167528382, +60 167962288, +60 162051610

​Average Price:

  • RM $18.00 – 1 Person serving of Fish Head Curry
  • RM $22.00 – Fish Head Curry (Small)
  • RM $33.00 – Fish Head Curry (Medium)
  • RM $44.00 – Fish Head Curry (Large)
  • RM $30.00 – Fish Tail Curry (Small)
  • RM $40.00 – Fish Tail Curry (Medium)
  • RM $50.00 – Fish Tail Curry (Large)

A Humble Little Restaurant with Amazing Food

Kam Long Restaurant is located on Jalan Wong Ah Fook, just a short walk from the City Square Shopping Centre in downtown Johor Bahru. The restaurant itself is very simple – just a small shop in a regular neighborhood coffeeshop. There’s no air conditioning and the decor is no-frills. But none of that matters once you taste their incredible curry fish head!

I first heard about Kam Long from my Singaporean friends who would cross the border just to eat there. They all raved that it was the best curry fish head in Johor Bahru. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. How could this little restaurant really be that good? But after my first bite I was hooked!

The Freshest Fish and Most Flavorful Curry

What makes Kam Long’s curry fish head so amazing is the freshness of the fish and the complex flavors of their curry. They use red snapper, sourced daily to ensure it’s as fresh as can be. The fish head is cooked until the meat is tender and flakes off the bone.

But the real star is the curry – it has the most incredible depth of flavor! It’s neither too thick nor too thin, but just right to coat the fish head and vegetables. You can tell it’s been simmered for hours to develop that rich, aromatic curry flavor. It’s spiced perfectly, with a hint of heat that doesn’t overpower.

Kam Long also includes long beans, cabbage, and my favorite – silky soft fried beancurd puffs. Every component complements each other for a well-balanced, luxurious curry fish head experience.

Worth the Wait and Trip Across the Border

The only downside about Kam Long Restaurant is the wait. This place is popular! There’s usually a long line of hungry customers by 11am. But the queue moves quickly and the staff is very efficient at seating people. I’ve never had to wait more than 30 minutes, even during peak lunch hour.

Some may complain about people “cutting” in the queue when seats become available. But I actually appreciate how the staff maximizes seating by filling up empty spots. Don’t let it bother you and just focus on the amazing curry fish head that awaits!

While I live in Singapore, I happily make the trip across the border to Johor Bahru regularly just for Kam Long’s curry fish head. Yes, it’s that good! The flavors are unmatched by any curry fish head I’ve found in Singapore. For me, it’s worth the wait and the journey to enjoy the best of this Singaporean-Malaysian dish.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Kam Long Experience

If you plan to visit Kam Long Restaurant, here are some tips to get the most out of your meal:

  • Come early or late – To avoid the longest waits, come right at 11am when they open or after 1:30pm.
  • Bring cash – They only accept cash payments due to the high volume of customers.
  • Order the fish tail – For more meat, get the fish tail instead of the head. It’s very meaty and tasty!
  • Get extra vegetables – The vegetables soak up the curry and are delicious. Order extra for the table.
  • Add beancurd puffs – The silky soft fried beancurd is a must-order item.
  • Don’t drink before – The Thai curry seems to have MSG, which makes you very thirsty! Drink after.
  • Prepare to wait for a seat – Don’t get frustrated if people behind you in line get seated first. Enjoy the anticipation!
  • Focus on the food – Don’t mind the simple ambiance. You come for the unbelievable curry fish head!

A Singaporean Favorite for Good Reason

Curry fish head is a Singaporean staple that brings back memories of home and family for me. And Kam Long Restaurant serves up the very best version – fresh, fragrant, complex, and so satisfying. That’s why both locals and tourists flock here to experience this iconic Singaporean-Malaysian dish.

The humble little Kam Long Restaurant has earned its sterling reputation by focusing on just one dish and doing it better than anyone else. If you love curry fish head, this is a must-try spot. Just come hungry and ready to wait in line for some of the best curry fish head you’ll ever have!

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