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57 Degrees Ma La Xiang Guo (57度麻辣香锅)

​Been around for three years at its admiralty’s outlet, 57 Degrees Ma La Xiang Guo currently has four different outlets islandwide.

​What intrigued me by this particular eatery is the fact that the staff at their own discretion actually do give out exclusive membership cards, VIP (Gold) and Super VIP (Black Platinium) respectively to loyal customers who regularly order portions equivalent to about $30 or more.
57° Mala Xiang Guo, Singapore - Đánh giá về nhà hàng - Tripadvisor
While my girlfriend owns their VIP (Gold) card, it allows her to be entitled to a dollar portion of any vegetable for free. At 57 Degrees Ma La Xiang Guo, the chefs are from Sichuan, China where they specialise in anything and everything Ma La that constitutes as the main aspect of their hometown’s specialities. Unlike some eateries that actually weigh their ingredients, they do not however and I am satisfied by their generous portion that is also easily one of the cheapest in Singapore. There are other signature dishes to offer as well and I am impressed that they also go the extra mile to provide complementary bowl of soup via free flow for their customers!

My usual fare for Ma La Hotpot would typically consists of ingredients such as pork, lotus root, enoki mushroom and oyster mushroom which is opted for very spicy option and paired with a comforting bowl of white rice.

Its tantalising fragrance is sure to whet your appetite as you allow yourself to be fully “immersed” within the flavour and kick of the Ma La spices.

The level of spiciness is still manageable which makes it a very satisfying experience. Being thoroughly infused with spices for all the ingredients, the pork still retains some moisture without it being too dry. I would personally recommend adding enoki mushroom as it is an essential must-have ingredient that will absorbs in the richness of the sauce-gravy effortlessly. It is so crunchy and always bursting with flavour, to be nicely complemented alongside with lotus root! This deserving bowl of Ma La Hotpot is thankfully not at all salty nor too oily, necessitating itself on top of all the other reasons to visit. ​

​In summary, this is my kind of Ma La Hotpot which till date, it will be a dish that has miraculously made me fall so deeply in love with.

I usually dislike mine to be too overly salty and oily which I am glad that they have managed to strike a fine balance.

The tolerance-level for its spiciness is also worth complimenting simply by how it is still easy on the stomach, instead of the dire consequence of a bad stomach.
57 Degrees Mala Xiang Guo | Best Mala Xiang Guo in Singapore | Trending In  Singapore
​With its exclusive membership cards that entitle a free portion of ingredient to generous portion and being easily one the cheapest in Singapore, this fully justify the trip down to any of its four outlets islandwide. This is a dish that I can totally have it all day, all night but I have to cut it down to avoid a bad sore throat from all the “heat”. My only concern that has room for improvement would be to further separate out its meaty portion from being less clumpy and to consider adding in specialisation-option such as pure belly portion for its meat. Nonetheless, you can be guaranteed with satisfaction on every bite!

57 Degrees Ma La Xiang Guo (57度麻辣香锅)

57 Degrees Mala Xiang Guo | Best Mala Xiang Guo in Singapore | Trending In  Singapore

Address: 70 Woodlands Avenue 7 #01-02, 738344 (Admiralty Mrt Station)

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 07:30 – 22:30
Tel: +65 97622347

​Average Price:

  • SGD $1.00 – One portion of any Vegetables
  • SGD $2.00 – One portion of any Meat (Chicken / Pork)
  • SGD $3.00 – One portion of any Meat (Beef / Mutton)
  • SGD $3.00 – One portion of any Seafood

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