88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist: The Nomadic Sio Bak Stall Returns  Better Than Before At Tyrwhitt Road

88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (88香港燒臘)

​Couple of years ago, I was looking up the internet for recommendations on best roasted delights & I came across numerous outstanding reviews pertaining to one such eatery!
88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist: The Nomadic Sio Bak Stall Returns Better Than Before At Tyrwhitt Road
Renowned for its signature highlight, the succulent Roast Meat, I know that I have to totally pay a visit down someday.


About 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (88香港燒臘)

Address: 153 Tyrwhitt Road, 207566

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 21:00
Tel: +65 82252495

​Average Price:

  • SGD $4.00 – Roasted Pork Rice
  • SGD $5.00 – Char Siew with Roasted Pork Rice

Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist review

However, given the constant shift in location for itself, I have decided to chuck its name to one side until recently when I learned that the shop owner has finally anchored down for a considerable period of time. Hailed as probably the best Roast Meat in Singapore, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist wins the heart of diners who need to get their roasted craving fixed! Even the media has acknowledged & given positive reviews for its astounding dish.

Best hawker food in Farrer Park, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist

The master behind this craft is none other than chef-owner, Martin Ong, who spent his early years in the culinary “world” of Western cuisine before taking a switch at our Asian delights.

His former work experiences at Jack’s Place & The Canopy Café (Marina Bay Golf Course) had definitely help to pave his way as he experimented & developed his own secret recipe to roast the perfect pork.

I was there once around the area & the folks were so right about avoiding lunch hours or you might just find yourself stuck in the hectic queue. No meal would be completed without ordering their Roasted Pork which is the main reason to travel down, and as well as other roasted delights such as Roast Duck, and Char Siew that are highly notable too.

Presented in a value for money portion, my heart skips a beat while admiring at the beautiful glazed color of Char Siew with Roasted Pork Rice that I have ordered.

The Roast Pork is huge and tender in size, its succulent meat encapsulated by a thick layer of crispy skin on the outside. Additionally, the menu offers delightful options like pork rice balls, adding a perfect complement to the already delectable array of flavors.

One will definitely enjoys the crispy skin as it constitutes the freshness of fried fragrance.

88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist at Tyrwhitt Rd - You Won't Want To Miss Their Sio Bak
​Meanwhile, I am also deeply impressed by the fantabulous Char Siew meat that is so soft, fatty & moist. Chef-owner Martin has certainly chooses the perfect cut of the Char Siew which bears so much of collagen that is unlike any others. The hint of smokiness by the caramelised skin of the Char Siew (it is not at all salty) goes superbly well with the sweetness of dark sauce gravy which is the ultimate indulgence.

​All in all, you can be sure that I wasn’t ready to part with this remarkable plate of goodness as I finished up my very last bite of meat.

I have tried plenty of other roast meats around & I have to be honest that this plate is worthy enough for the definition of legit as I cope with numerous disappointments & costly pricing.You know how most roast meats tend to be hard in texture that really turns me off but I am so satisfied that this is on the complete opposite.

Being a sweet tooth, the Char Siew is such a delicate perfection that one must not totally miss out on! I can literally order a whole plate of portion & consume it all by myself because it is just so good. P.S, when a dish is so good that you do not want to share! Haha, speaking from a glutton point of view though.

The Verdict: An Authentic Cantonese Roasted Meat Experience

My visit to 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist exceeded my expectations. Their meats are lovingly prepared using traditional techniques that have been perfected over decades. You can truly taste the passion in every bite! The succulent and flavorful meats served at this establishment make it a standout in the culinary scene.

I highly recommend visiting 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist if you want to enjoy authentic Cantonese-style siu mei. This is definitely my new go-to place when I’m craving roasted meat done right. It’s always a treat finding gems like this passionate owner-operated stall in Singapore. Additionally, for those who appreciate preparing their own meals, investing in the best meat grinders can further enhance your culinary experience at home. With top-quality meat grinders, you can replicate the fine texture and freshness reminiscent of the dishes at 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist.

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