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What’s Special About Yan Kee Noodle House?

Hey there foodies! Are you craving some delicious noodles in Singapore? Well, you gotta check out Yan Kee Noodle House. This place is really special and has become my absolute favorite noodle joint in town.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about Yan Kee Noodle House, what makes it so special, my personal experiences there, and why it should be on your foodie bucket list in Singapore. Get ready to get your noodle fix!

Yan Kee Noodle House Review

You may have tasted before this household’s favourite dish that is served in a soup variation, but you certainly would not have expected its possibilities on the flip side.

Yan Kee Noodle House 炎记. by HungryUnicorn SG | Burpple
Known as the dish, mee sua (Chinese vermicelli), it is a comforting bowl of soup noodle dish that is known for its extremely soft, delicate texture.

​Hence given the limitation of its texture, it is almost impossible to explore other possibilities such as the dry variation that can be implemented with other types of noodles. However, one such eatery stall by the name of Yan Kee Noodle House, managed to pull it off with their speciality dry mee sua dish!
Operating 24/7 round the clock, it is a frequent haunt by both white-collars & drinkers who are seeking for a late night supper place in the central business district. It was definitely my first time trying out a revolutionize yet so familiar dish that I am totally excited by what is coming in my way.

​For those like myself whom had attempted in cooking a bowl of mee sua at home, you would totally understand the struggle of perfecting the right texture which is less to even said for the dry variation.

The Food Collage: Yan Kee Noodle House 炎记面家
At Yan Kee Noodle House, they offer a few noodle dishes but their speciality dry mee sua is the main differentiating dish that stands apart from the rest.
Being a noodle lover whom has greatly enjoyed the fine texture, the mee sua has a slight resemblance of that to a Japanese soba noodle, except for its thinner strand. It has a very minimal gooey texture after absorbing the richness of the sauce to provide a delightful sensation.

Yan Kee Noodle House – 新加坡加東的新加坡菜粉麵咖啡館| OpenRice 新加坡開飯喇
​I love how the mee sua is being prepared to ensure a soft texture that does not fall apart, while ‘clinging’ onto the flavours of the sauce.

​You would be impressed by the delectable sauce as it contains a distinctive fragrance of smoked vinegar that is added sufficiently but not too overwhelming.

This is the kind of dish where the flavours are well-balanced as a whole that creates a comforting indulging experience. ​
Bearing the traits of a minced pork noodles, this dish could have very much replace its name instead, but it is intentionally done so to capture the main highlight of its mee sua noodles.

SG Food on Foot | Singapore Food Blog | Best Singapore Food | Singapore Food Reviews: Yan Kee (炎记) Noodle House @ South Bridge Road - 24 Hour Bak Chor MeeSua
Its side ingredients are no different of that when comparing to a minced pork noodles except that it come included with fried anchovies & a whole piece of stewed mushroom.

SG Food on Foot | Singapore Food Blog | Best Singapore Food | Singapore Food Reviews: Yan Kee (炎记) Noodle House @ South Bridge Road - 24 Hour Bak Chor MeeSua
The introduction of fried anchovies have provided some fried crispiness touch while the whole piece of stewed mushroom has contained a sweet, fragrant bite. On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed by its lean pork as it is slightly tough in texture & also for the minced pork which could have been more porky in terms of its flavours! Nonetheless, I have enjoyed the complementary bowl of soup which has contained a minimal flavour of chicken stock which is soothing on its own.

​To sum it up, it is a truly revolutionize take that bears so much familiarity to our household’s favourite mee sua dish.

Despite the limitations of its extremely soft, delicate texture, I am highly impressed that they have managed to overcome this main hurdle.

It was only a slight disappointment for the side ingredients of pork where more emphasis could be placed upon.​Nonetheless, this bowl of speciality dry mee sua does deserves a second visit & I would not be hesitant to recommend it. With the addition of 24/7 operating hours, this eatery is indeed another addition to my late night supper place for a comforting bowl of dry mee sua dish.

Yan Kee Noodle House (炎記)

Update Late Aug 2018:

New relocated address:

  • 9 Circular Road, 049365
  • Address: 21 South Bridge Road, 058661 (BK Eating House)
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 24 hours (Closed: Sun)

​Average Price:

  • SGD $4.00 – Speciality Dry Mee Sua
  • SGD $4.00 – Handmade Fishball Soup
  • SGD $4.00 – Handmade Fishball Noodle (Dry/Soup)
  • SGD $4.00 – Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle (Dry/Soup)

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m pretty obsessed with Yan Kee Noodle House. It’s a staple for me and I think it should be on every foodie’s radar when visiting Singapore. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to check it out:

  • The dry mee sua is to die for. This signature noodle dish sets them apart from any other restaurant.
  • Old school vibes and nostalgic feels. Stepping inside transports you to another era of Singaporean food culture.
  • Affordable prices. You can get a hearty bowl of noodles for just $4 – yes please!
  • Local favorite. This place clearly has a cult following, which speaks to how good their food is.
  • Specialty restaurant. Yan Kee Noodle House really focuses on noodles, specifically dry mee sua, so you know they’ve perfected it.
  • Comfort food. When you’re feeling down, their noodles will definitely lift your spirits.

So there you have it, my ode to the one and only Yan Kee Noodle House. This place is crazy special to me and I hope you’ll take my advice and check it out on your next visit to Singapore. Get ready for some of the best noodles of your life!

And be sure to get the dry mee sua – you can thank me later. Let me know when you go so we can obsess over it together!


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