Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu - Famous Yong Tau Foo In People's Park - Miss Tam  Chiak

Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu (永祥興豆腐)

“Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu”, a renowned stall that sells a hearty bowl of classic Yong Tau Foo dish, is one of my favourites as well. Unlike others, the Yong Tau Foo dish that they are selling here is generally the same for every bowl, making it the sole dish on the menu itself.

​I personally love how the stall owners have decided to go with a standard rubric, in order to serve its long line of customers within a short amount of time.

Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu - Famous Yong Tau Foo In People's Park - Miss Tam Chiak

​Each bowl of Yong Tau Foo is served by scooping the soup along with the respective ingredients from a large simmered pot, and it is topped off with shallots, spring onion & white pepper!

​From what I observed, the way that the stall owners prepare each bowl of Yong Tau Foo was so simple that it puzzled me initially, and in hindsight, this simple preparation process does not do justice to the great taste of the dish itself.

When it comes to soupy dishes, I will always make it a point to taste the broth before anything else. In this case, the broth turned out to have a gentle & light comforting taste of sweetness at the end of every mouthwatering spoonful!

​I felt that the broth was also refreshing in a way which is also suitable for those who are looking for a healthier choice or just simply want to settle for something simple yet comforting.

Refilling & ensuring the freshness of the broth!
Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu: Super Long Queues For This Yong Tau Foo! – Greg's Big Eats

​There were some “goodies” beneath the clear broth such as fishball, fried beancurd skin and two special types of tofu to create a well-balanced Yong Tau Foo experience.

The fishball had a smooth rounded texture that tasted fresh with every bite. When we tried the beancurd skin, on the other hand, we tasted a lightness of fried essence & flavour.

​As for the two special types of tofu that I had mentioned earlier, they were definitely the highlight ingredient of this Yong Tau Foo dish! One of the tofu was deep-fried as a whole while the other was normal by itself, and both had been added with fish paste on the top.


​The fish paste, which certainly reflected the amount of devotion & effort put in in preparing each tofu, tasted sweet in flavour.

The fried tofu had a crispy skin and was especially flavourful & tasty when dipped into the sweet red chilli sauce that came along with it!

​The normal tofu was also to my liking as it created a balance of flavours between the fried essence from the fried tofu, as opposed to the light freshness from itself.

Preparation of each bowl of Yong Tau Foo
​As a whole, the overall Yong Tau Foo experience turned out to be a comforting & refreshing one, which I really enjoyed myself! In my opinion, I feel that it is also a good choice to indulge in this dish, especially at times when you just want something hearty to make for a good delightful meal!
Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu (永祥興豆腐)
Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu - Famous Yong Tau Foo In People's Park - Miss Tam Chiak

Address: 32 New Market Road #01-1084A, 050032 (People’s Park Food Centre)

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 13:00 – 17:00 (Closed: Mon)
Tel: –

​Average Price: SGD $4.50 per bowl

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