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Cappadocia’s Balloon Ride

Cappadocia, home to one of the most astonishingly unique landscapes in the world, has evolved from the erosion of the ash sedimentation by natural climate, to the land forming rising sculptures of countless strangely shaped pillars and cones. ​These sculptures, more commonly known as “Fairy Chimneys”, are located in the Göreme National Park, which has gained enough recognition to be …

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How the Nazis Tried to Cover Up Their Crimes at Auschwitz - HISTORY

Inside the hell of Nazi’s Auschwitz concentration camps

My heart sank with pain & sorrow upon my learning journey in one of Poland’s renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, “The Auschwitz Concentration Camps” that were once ruled by the Nazi Germany (1940-45). It was more than just a camp as the word is more commonly referred to as a housing place for solely military purposes, for it is …

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Wuzhen Water Town (Tongxiang, Trung Quốc) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

Wuzhen Water Town

Finding the almost exact nostalgic places that you had visited before, is indeed hard to come by, not only does it also consists of the many heartfelt feeling at the same time. “Wuzhen Water Town” is one such example that brought me back numerous flashback memories of my time spent in Venice, Italy during my Europe trip in …

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