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The Carving Board in Singapore – Western restaurant

To combine the Westernised taste of food quality, affordable prices, presentation & environment, no one does it better than “The carving board”.

Located at a neighbourhood town in Yuhua, Jurong East, this new Western eatery dominates the whole coffee shop during the evening hours as the only sole active unit!

​The interior design of the shop is rather classy and has well decorated walls with various pictures pertaining to Western delights!

“The carving board” offers a unique taste of western delights with its extensive food menu that ranges from Char-grilled, Handmade burgers, Premium house grill, Spaghetti, to Beer bites & snacks!

There is definitely something for everyone and just by looking at the description of the menu itself, one would definitely drool over the mouthwatering dishes that are available! What I love about this shop is the fact that they allow special customisation of their Spaghetti which is definitely a plus-point for those that are looking for something different!

By being able to customise your very own Spaghetti with your desired crave for certain ingredient such as seafood, this would indeed be worth every single cent of your wallet as well! Apart from that, “The Carving Board” prides itself on its plating as well, as their dishes looked aesthetically pleasing.

​Notably, the premium house grilled items are served on top of a wooden board instead of the usual plates, which makes for a good first impression!

I came in at 6.10pm on a weekday & the famous “snake-queue” had already begun forming up! I would strongly advise you guys to come early to avoid long queues, and also because the food items do run out fairly quickly.

​I was glad to be able to order their Chef’s recommendation’s Mixed grill (which is always sold out so quickly that I was not able to order on many occasions), along with Striploin steak, Carbonara, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Cajun fries & Ice-lemon tea for our drinks!

The Cajun fries were served first, which greeted us with its aromatic spice fragrance!

​The fries itself, hot on the outside while soft in texture, were intensively flavourful from the spice powdery mixture that was being added, resembling the taste of seaweed & chilli powder!

​The Spaghetti Aglio Olio that I had customised with seafood & mushroom, turned out to be one of the best combination ever!

I loved how fragrant the whole dish turned out to be, as the spaghetti was so well cooked & immersed with the flavour from the ingredients; it was silky smooth in texture and you can just taste each individual strand of noodle melting in your mouth while savouring in the entirety of the goodness.

​The mushroom & seafood ingredients consisting of shrimp, squid & fish that came along, were lightly cooked over the fire, carrying the rich freshness taste with every bite! The addition of Parmesan cheese & Parsley leaves to top it off, provides a more richer & enhanced flavour to the overall dish!

​They are also generous enough to have included a complementary garlic bread that came along with every plate of Spaghetti, provides a good appetiser or as an end-off, to this perfection mouth-watering dish!

The Carbonara was also one of the uniquely dish that I have tasted. It was served in a cream sauce that consists of bacon, onion, poached egg & topped with parmesan cheese and parsley leaves!

The sauce was indeed creamy that tasted the rich essence of milk & cheese, while the addition of the poached egg was definitely the star highlight of this dish!

​The poached egg was perfectly cooked with a runny yolk that consists of a hardening crust and a soft egg white, had tasted absolutely fantabulous with the overall flavours from the Carbonara itself! Similar to the Spaghetti Agilo Olio, the noodles was simply amazing; it also comes with a complementary garlic bread to provide a good appetiser or as an end-off!

Moving on, the Striploin steak that we ordered was cooked to medium, served alongside their signature Garden Greens, Garlic Bread, Sautéed Lyonnaise Potatoes and draped in their homemade Rosemary Brown Sauce, that are all nicely placed on a wooden board.

The aesthetic presentation of the dish looks equally stunning that really shows how much pride, creativeness & effort that the chef has put into it! Juicy and firm, the steak was nothing short of amazing from the first to the last bite, and goes well with the Rosemary Brown Sauce.

​The potatoes, albeit a little oily, was indeed very flavourful with every bite as it complimented the main star of the dish very well. I prefer to end the dish with the Garden Greens due to its refreshing taste, which rejuvenated my tastebuds.

Lastly, the best & the most awaited Chef’s recommendation’s Mixed grill has finally gave me the rare chance to savour it! It came with a fusion mix consisting of Beef steak, Bratwurst (German Sausage) & Rosemary chicken chop that is served alongside with their Garden Greens & Garlic bread!

I chose my side dish as Cous Cous salad & a taste of Mushroom sauce to accompany the whole flavour of the mix grill! Similar to all premium house grill items, it was nicely placed on a wooden board, maintaining a well-polish aesthetically pleasing view that resembles so much of fine-dining! The beef steak was juicy & firm in texture while the Bratwurst (German Sausage) had tasted chewy & the Rosemary chicken chop on the other hand, was perfectly well cooked that carries a crisp char burn skin of flavours!

​The addition of mushroom sauce over the meat, have allowed itself to absorb the moisture and flavour, bringing it to a whole new level! The Cous Cous salad was also such a pleasure to savour, as it tasted cold sweetness from the ingredients that consist of bite size cucumber & finely minced potato!

​Every bite of it was simply refreshing that really goes well with the meat flavour due to the balanced mix of cold sweetness & the hot grill essence! As a whole, it was truly a taste of paradise for this dish as one can get to enjoy a mixture of varieties that is highly recommended if you are spoilt for choices but still preferred the best of both worlds!

All in all, this place is definitely a highly recommended one for Western delights & I certainly believe that it will be worth your time.

It comprises of the four aspects, namely food quality, affordable prices, presentation & environment, which made this one of the places that I will visit on a consistent basis.

​It is indeed rare to chance upon such a unique place, and I am sure you will most definitely agree with me once you have patronised “The Carving Board”!

The Carving Board
Review of The Carving Board by blessings | OpenRice Singapore
  • Address: Blk 252 Jurong East Street 24 #01-107, 600252
  • Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 17:00 – 22:30 (Closed: Mon)
  • Tel: +65 97898262
  • ​Average Price:
    • Below SGD $10 – Pasta or Side dishes
    • Below SGD $20 – Grilled dishes

Dinner-only Western restaurant The Carving Board is located in Jurong East. The restaurant serves burgers and beer, but you can also go for a more premium cut of meat. The Carving Board is not bookable through Quandoo. For reservations, contact the restaurant directly. You can also contact the restaurant directly via email. You can reserve a table for two people or a whole table for larger groups. The Carving Board is a great choice for a special occasion, such as a wedding, and can also be reserved for larger groups.

The Carving Board is a dinner-only Western restaurant in Jurong East

The Carving Board Grill: An Affordable Atas Western Restaurant At A HDB Block In Jurong East

If you’re looking for a Western restaurant in Singapore that’s not too expensive but still delivers on quality, The Carving Board may be a good choice. Located in Jurong East’s Yuhua Village, this restaurant offers affordable Western dishes, and has a wide selection of beer on tap. Besides steak, you can also order a burger or a wurst, and get a beer or a cider.

This modernized hawker in Jurong offers a wide variety of steaks and pastas. Prices are reasonable, with spaghetti and main courses priced at less than ten dollars each. The meat is fresh and made to order, and the food is of restaurant-quality. If you’re on a budget, you can go for the steak and pasta option for around 16$. The food is served on a wooden board and is complemented by garlic bread and a salad.

The Carving Board is a good late-night hangout in Jurong, Singapore. Unlike many other restaurants in Jurong, it is not easy to access from the central area, but the food is worth it. This restaurant offers a wide selection of meat dishes, as well as a wide selection of desserts. Despite the long queue, the food is delicious and delivered quickly.

It offers beer and burgers

The Carving Board Sandwiches Serves Up National Franchise Opportunities |

With an eclectic decor and cute North Brooklynites sporting beanies, Tutu’s is a neighborhood favorite. The food is also affordable and American-style. During happy hour, burgers are $5 and paired with beer for a great value. The menu rotates every week, with beer options such as Victory, Lagunitas, and Six Point. A burger here is served with arugula and garlic aioli.

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