Taste Good: Salted Egg Chicken Rice & Other Dishes At S$5 In Sim Lim Square  That Live Up To Its Stall Name

Taste Good Restaurant – Local food in Singapore

Nobody would have least expected that a specialised “area” such as Sim Lim Square, would be one of the key attraction highlights that actually draws insider foodies for a taste of heavenly!

Being largely served as a place that is known for its extensive array of computer & I.T parts, I was definitely surprised that I was missing out something truly amazing.

This hidden gem by the name of Taste Good which features a hybrid built of both economical mixed-rice selections & as well as a mini-wok tze char eatery is the new found reason for me to dine in over here whenever I am around in this vicinity. I was definitely impressed by the buzzing crowd during lunch hours as it expands its seating arrangements to across & beside of the main kitchen, providing more spaces & a comfortable dining environment!

The speciality highlight at Taste Good would be its mini-wok tze char selections & hence, I shall leave out the economical mixed-rice selections as for now!

Like most first timer who are here, one would be “turned off” by the long distinct line of queue, but this situation only applies to its economical mixed-rice selections if you are having it.

Thus, I would consider this as a special privilege option where you can just skipped the queue & walk up to the counter to place your order for their mini-wok tze char selections! They offer the classic favourites that most tze char stalls would have, but we are more interested in the four outstanding ones as shown right behind the counter which is their Butter pork rib, Cereal chicken, Salted egg chicken & Spicy lemongrass that is served in rice portion.

My ultimate favourite of them all would be hands down, their signature Salted Egg Chicken with Rice!

This bowl of goodness has already been remarkably perfected out that would totally be beyond your wildest dream.

It is so fragrant & delectable especially by the superb salted egg gravy & curry leaves that are the main essence of this entire dish!

​As the name of salted egg suggests, it is clearly the opposite for the taste of this dish as it provides a good amount of sweetness that clearly dominates over the saltiness aspect while juggling a fine balance between the two. I have really enjoyed the chunks of chicken meat by its tenderness & lightly-fried texture which goes completely well with the flavours of the salted egg gravy. It is clearly an addictive & irresistible sensation that I can totally have this bowl of dish for almost every single day!

The Cereal Chicken with Rice would also be another great recommendation if you would like to dig in for a dish that is aesthetically pleasing & unique at the same time!

I was definitely blown away by its superior looks that this dish has clearly resembles of that to a fluffy “spiderweb” which is so picture worthy.

Similar to the previous dish, it has the same remarkable fragrance & sweetness where its chunks of chicken meat has a tender & lightly-fried texture. The fragrance & sweetness certainly have been attributed by the delicate slices of fried cereals & curry leaves, which have also added on to the variety of chewing experiences. This dish totally deserved a commendation as the chefs take pride in “transforming” the typical looks of a cereal to that of a deep fried noodles.

In a nutshell, it was a great discovery over at a totally unexpected area in which I have found the reasons for a next visit whenever I am around in this vicinity.

The salted egg yolk is totally the star highlight over here that had left me a deep impression, while so as for the delicate looks of the cereal chicken that has resembles of that to a deep fried noodles!

​I have also love the presentation style for each of these dishes as it is nicely served in an aluminium wok which provides a beautiful touch while retaining the flavours & heat from the dish itself. Indeed, such discovery is also one of the reasons for the vibrancy in my search for great food as such amazing dishes could be just round the corner but yet awaiting to be discovered!

Taste Good (好味小厨)

  • Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-04, 188504 (Sim Lim Square​)
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 – 19:45
  • Tel: +65 63366298
  • ​Average Price:
  • SGD $5.00 – Salted Egg Chicken with Rice
  • SGD $5.50 – Cereal Chicken with Rice

Singapore Taste Good Restaurant

Taste Good: Salted Egg Chicken Rice & Other Dishes At S In Sim Lim Square That Live Up To Its Stall Name

If you’re looking for the best local food in Singapore, look no further than Taste Good. If you’re hungry, you can’t go wrong with a variety of their delicacies, from Char siu noodles to Yong tau foo. Read on for more information. In addition to scrumptious noodles, Taste Good serves up a variety of Laksa dishes, Dim sum, and other local specialties.

Yong tau foo

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Yong tau foo is one of the most popular dishes at Singapore Taste Good Restaurant. You can find it in a laid-back, colorful atmosphere. It is the perfect meal for a night out with friends or family. Try it as an appetizer or a main course. Then move on to dessert for the ultimate Singapore experience. This relaxed, Asian restaurant is a popular choice among tourists and locals.

There are a number of places to get authentic yong tau fei in Singapore. Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo has been operating for generations. It is a family-run business with fresh ingredients that give it superb taste. The restaurant also offers takeaway versions. Yong tau foo is a good choice when you want to save time. Located at Orchard Road, the restaurant has been a popular food stall for decades.


Taste Good - This Hidden Eatery Has The Best Salted Egg Chicken Rice

If you’re a fan of authentic Malaysian dishes, you’ll surely love the traditional Laksa at Singapore Taste Good Restaurant. This authentic Malaysian restaurant has been around for years and serves traditional Malaysian cuisine. Located in the city center, the restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike. Laksa is one of the most popular dishes served here. It’s served in a large, traditional bowl with rice and fresh herbs.

In addition to traditional laksa, the menu features a variety of delicious homemade drinks, including a signature barley-lime beverage. This tangy beverage complements the spicy broth and the noodle-filled laksa. The dish is best accompanied with a fresh young coconut. The ingredients used in Laksa at Singapore Taste Good Restaurant are carefully selected to ensure a delicious taste.

Dim sum

If you’re looking for some of the best dim sum in Singapore, you’re in luck. Yan’s is a favorite with its traditional Chinese cooking. You’ll find a variety of dim sum dishes here, including six-dimsum platter, mixed vegetables, and steamed custard buns. The restaurant also offers a bridal make-up room and valet parking. With several outlets around town, you can easily find one near you.

Among the best dishes to try here are Steamed Squid and Sea Cucumber Dumpling, Steamed Prawn and Chinese Stem Lettuce with Tobiko, and Steamed Prawn and Sea Cucumber Dumpling. The starfish and sea cucumber varieties are particularly delicious, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian dim sum platter.

Char siu noodles

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The famous char siu noodles are a must-try when visiting Singapore. These noodles are flavored with ginger, garlic and onion. The noodle’s yellow color is achieved by adding curry powder or turmeric. Huang’s recipe, however, lacks curry powder and instead uses ginger and garlic. Other essential ingredients include root ginger and garlic. Adding a smoky, slightly sweet sauce from Hom and Mabbott is an excellent idea. Fresh coriander leaves add a vibrant touch of freshness and flavour.

Char siu is a popular Cantonese barbecue pork. However, you may not know that this delicious cut of pork can also be made into the best fried noodles in the world. The noodles here are filled with sweet and umami flavors and loaded with different textures. With the addition of a rich sauce and fresh herbs, char siu noodles are heavenly and can be eaten as a quick snack or a hearty meal. And even better than takeout, the dish can be made in as little as 30 minutes.

Fish bee hoon

When the bee hoon is sold out, it will be hard to find the next one, so it’s worth the wait. At this Singaporean restaurant, the fish bee hoon is wok-charred before being braised in a seafood stock. The bee hoon is accompanied by vegetables and garnished with spring onions and garlic. For added flavor and crunch, the dish also has rice vermicelli.

Aside from the noodle dish, the restaurant also offers an assortment of seafood. The seafood bee hoon, a specialty of the island of Sembawang, is a must-try. In the $5 portion, you get generous portions of seafood and meat. The broth already tasted eggy, so the addition of fresh seafood brings out the sweet taste of the meat. There are also chunks of pork lard incorporated into the dish.


If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, try pratas at Singapore’s RK Eating House. These fluffy prata are famous for their Tissue Prata, which comes as a tower that takes four to five people to finish. You can also try one-litre towers of local drinks such as Milo, which is the perfect instagram-worthy snack. Besides pratas, RK Eating House also serves a variety of alcoholic drinks, including their Milo Tower.

Located in Changi Village, Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s serves a variety of pratas. You can order plain prata with a side of curry or a fried egg. Other options include a cheese topping, chicken floss, chocolate syrup, and Milo powder. A classic prata kosong only costs $1 and is a good meal with a teh tarik.

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