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Soi 47 Thai Food in Clarke Quay Review – Authentic Thai Food

Thai food has always been one of my all-time favorite cuisines. I just can’t get enough of the complex flavors, the spicy heat, and the aromatic herbs. So when I heard about Soi 47 Thai Food in Clarke Quay, I knew I had to check it out.

Soi 47 Thai Food in Clarke Quay Review

Thai food has always been one of my all-time favourite cuisines & to indulge in one that is considered as authentic while yet been affordable, it would be a slight challenge.
Soi 47 Thai Food Clarke Quay Romantic Dining by Singapore River - SingaporeBeauty

Most people would usually point to Golden Mile Complex (home to everything Thai), but it is slightly on the pricey side that would be more considered as a tourist hotspot.

For most eateries, they largely offer the more common, signature kind of dishes such as Tom Yam soup but personally for me, I am more interested to sink my teeth into the astounding Steam Seabass dish that is slightly uncommon here in little red dot. I was looking up the internet for a Thai eatery to have chanced across Soi 47 Thai Food that fits the bill. Not only does it offers the Steam Seabass dish that I was looking for, but it is really affordable as compared to most Thai eateries.

The dining environment is also rather unique as it is located under a HDB block where they have set up a row of tables & chairs along the corridor aisle on the outside to cater to more customers.
Soi 47 Thai Food – Authentic Thai Food With Inexpensive Pricing, At Clarke Quay Central With Amazing Singapore River View –

Nonetheless, if you are seeking for an air-conditioning spot, you can always request for a seat inside but it has a rather limited seating capacity. My family & I were here for early lunch at approximately 10 mins past its opening hours and we were surprisingly impressed by the bustling crowd which has already occupied most of the tables. At Soi 47 Thai Food, diners can look forward to an extensive selection of Thai dishes that are prepared with non-addition of MSG & are served by Thai chefs to uphold a certain quality standard. All of their key herb & spice ingredients are harvest from their beautiful side yard garden to ensure fresh quality produce.

Probably one of the key dishes that anyone must order, it would be the Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce.

This aesthetic yet astounding dish is presented in a lighted stove to ensure that the fish is served freshly hot.

Priced at only $19, you are served with the whole portion of freshly caught seabass that is steamed with Thai Lime Sauce.
Soi 47 Thai Food Clarke Quay Romantic Dining by Singapore River - SingaporeBeauty

Being a dish that is known for its distinctive sourness aspect, the soup gravy has been well crafted which is not too overwhelming with lime. I have enjoyed the soft meaty portion of the fish that has been thoroughly infused with flavour of the soup gravy. Notably, it isn’t at all spicy & I am glad that the Seabass itself does not contain too much fish bones. On the other hand, the chefs have also remarkably nailed the perfection for their Stir Fry KangKong with Sambal dish that is probably one of the best KangKong dishes that I have tasted. Although the appearance may seem rather ordinary, but I was blown away by the crunchy texture of the vegetables that pack the fragrance of sambal chili. There is enough spice & flavour but it is not too spicy. You definitely know the difference for a good plate of vegetable dish when it is not too crumply nor lumpy as a whole together.

An another dish that I must totally recommend would be the Claypot Tang Hoon with Prawns. Featuring the delicate texture of glass noodles that is all seasoned and prepared with fresh, large prawns, this is a dish that ensures pure satisfaction. There is some noticeable wok fragrance to the glass noodle that is being kept with confined heat inside the claypot & as well as some traces of garlic & black pepper spices that are uniquely found in a black pepper crab dish. The prawns are really huge and fresh as a whole which go perfectly well with the entire combination of this dish, by providing the essential flavour of seafood. If you are not too much of an expert when it comes to Tom Yam Soup, there are actually two main variations – clear or cream (more spicy) – which are both offered here at this eatery.

​I have gotten the Tom Yam Soup (Clear Style) with Seafood that packs a really nice sour taste which is not too overwhelming.Clearly, the sourness is the main essence of this entire dish & it is not too spicy, but it may gets a little pungent after awhile.

I have enjoyed the seafood ingredients that contain clam & prawns, but I would totally opt for the cream variation instead which would be more spicy in terms of taste.

Do not miss out on their ​Mango Salad as it has a very nice refreshing touch which is prepared with shredded slices of fresh mango fruits, Thai bird chillies, toasted cashew nuts, fish sauce & lime juice.
Soi 47 Thai Food – Authentic Thai Food With Inexpensive Pricing, At Clarke Quay Central With Amazing Singapore River View –

The sauce gravy is what really makes this dish stands out as it provides a taste of both sweetness & sourness that is all well mixed together with the vegetable ingredients to provide a comforting bite.The sauce gravy would definitely reminds you of Thai Chili Sauce by its distinctive sweetness. However, this dish isn’t at all spicy, but do watch out for those Thai bird chillies! Lastly, we also had the Chendol dish for dessert which was totally worth it. It is neither too sweet nor too milky which has a right balance of fresh coconut milk. The slippery texture of the green jelly noodles, large red beans & sweet corns are worth mentioning that constitute to a delightful dessert experience. I am not too sure if they have added in Gula Melaka syrup but there is definitely an adequate amount of sweetness which resembles like the one from the Peranakan heritage.

To sum it up, this is my latest go-to spot whenever I would need to satisfy my Thai food craving & indulgence.

Its affordable pricing as well as its food quality are the key strength of Soi 47 Thai Food that makes it the perfect choice for a wallet-friendly meal.

I can never get enough by its Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce and as well as the Claypot Tang Hoon with Prawns, whose flavours have greatly “lingered” inside my head.

​Despite having its dishes to be prepared with non-addition of MSG, you can hardly taste the difference as the chefs try to bridge that “gap” by adding in additional herbs & spices to heighten the overall flavours of their dishes. Be sure to also take a stroll down its beautiful side yard garden after your meal & check out the amazing crops that they have planted. I got to admit that it is definitely one-of-a-kind and it is something that you would hardly see in a context of a HDB block.

Soi 47 Thai Food

  • Address: Blk 47 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #01-130, 310047
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 – 14:30   &   17:30 – 22:00  (Closed: Tue)​
  • Tel: +65 62664747
  • ​Average Price:
    • SGD $3.80 – Mango Salad
    • SGD $4.00 – Chendol
    • SGD $5.50 – Stir Fry KangKong with Sambal
    • SGD $6.80 – Tom Yam Soup (Clear Style) with Seafood
    • SGD $10.00 – Claypot Tang Hoon with Prawns
    • SGD $19.00 – Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce

If you are a seafood lover, then you should check out Soi 47 Thai Food. The seafood selection is impressive and you can enjoy it in salad style, as finger food, a soup, a curry or noodles. Soi 47 has the choice of seafood dishes for vegetarians and those with gluten-free diets. It is also possible to eat steamed seafood. If you do not like the taste of raw seafood, you can always order it steamed.


With over a hundred different dishes to choose from, the menu at Soi 47 Thai Food in Clarke Quay is sure to please any palate. Whether you’re looking for a delicious lunch or a dinner to impress a date, you’ve come to the right place. Featuring finger foods, soups, salads, and omelettes, the menu at Soi 47 is sure to impress. Choose from chicken, shrimp, and seafood, and indulge in one-dish meals that are sure to please any palate.

If you’re a seafood lover, you may want to try the signature steamed sea bass with Thai lime sauce. This dish costs just S$19 and is loaded with delicious seafood. Served with steamed rice and a side of noodles, the dish is sure to please. And for a less expensive meal, you can also try the new prawn with Tamarind sauce. These are excellent options for sharing.


The Soi 47 Thai Food outlet in Singapore is one of many excellent choices for Thai cuisine. The decor, music, and overall location evoke a more authentic Thai dining experience. The menu is extensive, with many dishes that are meant to be shared with friends and family. The prices are reasonable, too. You can get a meal for under SGD 30. This restaurant is a great choice for a group lunch, as its location is convenient for catching a train to the Downtown Core.

The menu is varied, featuring many types of seafood. Seafood dishes can be enjoyed salad-style, in soup or served on noodle dishes. You can also order a seafood curry or an omelette. Some items, such as shrimp, are served with pandan juice and red kidney beans. Soi 47 Thai Food has a full bar, too. And if you’re looking for an affordable lunch spot, try this restaurant in Singapore.

Outdoor seating

If you enjoy treetop views, try the new outdoor seating at Soi 47 Thai Food. Outdoor seating at this restaurant overlooks the Singapore River. You can also enjoy a delicious meal with a view of the surrounding area. There is limited outdoor seating, so make a reservation in advance. To ensure you have a great experience, try the restaurant’s three new Thai dishes. You can enjoy the views and tasty Thai cuisine while overlooking the Singapore River.

If you love soups, try the Tom Yam Soup with seafood. The soup is surprisingly affordable considering the seafood content. Try it with steamed rice, which comes served on a warmer. You can also take your dog to this restaurant’s outdoor seating. Regardless of which seating option you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a great meal at Soi 47 Thai Food. It’s one of the few in the city that allows dogs.


At Soi 47 Thai Food, you can sample traditional Thailand desserts that are inexpensive yet delicious. You’ll love the red ruby, a shaved ice hill topped with crunchy red ruby and sweet honeyed yellow jackfruits. Or, go for a different spin on a Thai classic and try chendol, a colorful hill made from tapioca and pandan juice.

The menu at Soi 47 Thai Food offers more than a hundred different dishes. The dishes range from finger foods and salads to soups, omelettes, and main courses like chicken and beef curries, seafood, and claypot lala. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry – the menu includes one-dish dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

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