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Chef Choo Signaturea

This vicinity always brings me fond memories especially when I remember dining in for my favourite dish but sadly, this eatery isn’t around anymore.
Chef Choo Signature Review: Ex-Grand Hyatt Chef Opens Hawker Stall Selling  Quality Western Food - - Singapore Food Guide And Review Site
Hence, I seldom would drop by here as it lacks the captivating charm that warrants a visit.

​It was only until recently again that I chanced across a potential eatery via Facebook video and the Internet whose dishes seem rather promising.
Chef Choo Signature — Hawker Trails

Branded as Chef Choo Signature that is run by Mr Choo Siew Leong, a former 5-star hotel’s sous-chef from Grand Hyatt and Regent hotel. Helmed with more than 10 years of culinary experience with Italian cuisine, Chef Choo has decided to set up his own business by introducing Western and Italian fusion to the masses, especially to bring across such creations to the older population. Just how often do you actually have an experienced hotel chef who pledge to deliver quality dishes but at a fraction of the price? This indeed excites me more than anything to make a trip down.

​Offering a total of 11 signature dishes and a bonus of weekly special dish, Chef Choo resides upon his philosophy to create excitement among his diners which they can look forward to. I was impressed to find out that all the sauces for the respective dishes are meticulously created from scratch by himself. The humble yet down-to-earth Chef Choo takes utmost pride in his culinary craft as he prepares the orders and taking the effort to catch up with his customers to seek for any feedback and improvement.

​Been only about close to a year of operation over here at Golden Mile Food Centre, Chef Choo has already established his own loyal base of customers, in particularly the office workers, which is best recommended to avoid peak hours for weekdays’ lunch.

Noteworthily, one can expect consistency in terms of quality for all the dishes as it goes through the hands of Chef Choo, himself.


​At Chef Choo Signature, the no. one must-try dish is none other than the Sizzling Seafood Spaghetti, hands down.
Makansutra | Chef Choo Signature: My Pasta Nostalgia
Served on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet that is placed on a wooden coaster, this dish sets the stage for a celebratory moment.

It immediately redefines the standard of a hawker dish and put those mediocre and substandard dishes to shame.

For the price that one is paying, it has immediately exceeded beyond expectation just by the generous amount of seafood ingredients. Think big for its seafood ingredients that consist of half-shell mussel, prawn, squid, and clams! The seafood is so fresh on its own that complements on top of the spaghetti. As its name suggests, you get a sizzling skillet of spaghetti that promises to live up to its reputation. I always have a thing for hotplate and this method of cooking has indeed elevated the entire flavour of the Bolognese sauce to be better infused into the noodle itself. The “heat” and flavour are contained within every strand of the spaghetti as one enjoys the al dente texture. The Bolognese sauce has adequate moisture and it is not at all salty or overly strong with tomato, making it a pleasant dish to enjoy.


​​The usual fare of Italian cuisine is still here for those who still prefer something much more familiar. We have a go at their Spaghetti Carbonara that is served in cream sauce with bacon and mushroom. Carbonara lovers would totally be in approval of this dish that it does resembles of that to restaurants’ quality. This is simply by its smooth and well-balanced creamy base that speaks for itself. There is good amount of thickness in the cream that contains a fresh, pleasant taste of milk.

​The flavour of milk is not too overwhelming on its own and it has been infused into the spaghetti.

​I love how al dente the texture of the noodle as I enjoy the side ingredients of bacon and mushroom within this plate of goodness.

An addition of cheese might be recommended to bring this dish to another level.


​Another dish that would satisfy all rice-lovers would be their Hot Plate Seared Beef that is served with onion, fried egg with a runny yolk, and garlic rice.
Plated with the standards of a high-end restaurant, it immediately welts my appetite to dig in and cherish every single bite.
This dish contains a distinctive yet aromatic flavour of charred garlic whose beef was thoroughly cooked with crispy garlic chips.

​Notably, there is also a hint of bitterness and saltiness from the charred garlic. One can expect the beef to be tender and not gamey on its own, making it a pleasant experience to indulge. Initially, I was expecting the garlic rice to be really “heavy” in terms of the garlicky flavour, but I am impressed that Chef Choo has managed to maintain a fine balance for it without being overpowering. The complement of a fried egg with a runny yolk is totally essential as it provides the extra gravy from the runny yolk to make it less dry as a whole. I would however have hope that the beef would come along with some gravy for an added moisture which would have been a perfection.


​In conclusion, Chef Choo Signature is worthy enough to make a visit down and enjoy the great fare of restaurants’ dishes at a fraction of the price. I admire Chef Choo’s courage for switching his culinary career from hotels to becoming a hawker. It is definitely not easy, given the numerous limitations such as a small kitchen, the types of culinary equipment, and most importantly the pricing factor to match up to the cost of ingredients and affordability to the masses. Despite such odds, Chef Choo still stands strong to his principle and philosophy of catering quality dishes.

Not only is he humble yet down-to-earth, I truly believe that he is a character who is born for success.

​I am so in love with the Sizzling Seafood Spaghetti that I would totally recommend it for anyone to head down early to prevent any disappointment.

Let’s show our support to our fellow deserving hawkers like Chef Choo who continue to push the boundaries to redefine the standard of a hawker dish!

Chef Choo Signature
Address: 505 Beach Road #B1-45, 199583 (Golden Mile Food Centre​)

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 12:00 – 20:00 (Closed: Mon)
Tel: –

​Average Price:

  • SGD $5.50 – Spaghetti Carbonara
  • SGD $5.90 – Hot Plate Seared Beef
  • SGD $6.90 / $12.90 – Sizzling Seafood Spaghetti

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