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Hup Hong Chicken Rice Review (合豐记鸡饭)

Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, with incredible hawker food available on every street corner. As someone who loves exploring different cuisines, I was eager to dive into the local Singaporean specialties when I arrived. Of all the hawker stalls I’ve tried, Hup Hong Chicken Rice at Yuhua Village Market has become my absolute favorite.

Hup Hong Chicken Rice Review

Located at the busy Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre, the customers that patronise this low-profile stall are made up of mostly the locals living in the vicinity.

Despite the many stalls in the hawker centre, “Hup Hong Chicken Rice” stands out from the rest as the only stall with a seemingly endless queue of customers!
Hup Hong Chicken Rice. A Hidden Gem @ Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre 合豐记鸡饭 |Tony Johor Kaki Travels for Food · Heritage · Culture · Diplomacy
I kind of feel sad for its neighbouring stalls, particularly those that are selling the same dish, as they face a great deal of stress & competition from just this stall alone!

​“Hup Hong Chicken Rice”, a stall that has been passed down for generations, sells both steamed white & roasted chicken, as well as char-siew (Roasted bbq pork meat) to compliment the chicken.

I would recommend trying out their Roasted Chicken Rice! For me, what sets it apart from other roasted chicken rice stalls can be attributed to many reasons; for one, the rice is so fragrant that you can literally eat it on its own!

​It is soft, chewy in texture & unlike most chicken rice, it is surprisingly not very oily at all, and you can really smell the garlic that is used to cook the rice!

The legendary roasted Chicken Rice!

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​The main highlight of this dish is no doubt the chicken, and in this case it is simply amazing. Right away you can see the beautifully roasted chicken skin in all of its shiny glory, a sight that will definitely make anyone drool just by looking at it!

​The meat itself is firm and tender, and with every bite you can taste just how moist the chicken is. The chicken skin itself on the other hand, was very delicate and thin in layer, had tasted the rich essence of the heavenly roasted flavor!

​Some would say “the more, the merrier”, which is true in this case when you have such a wonderful “sidekick” to compliment the dish.

The gizzard that “Hup Hong Chicken Rice” offers is unlike any other gizzards that I have tasted before. It is very chewy and delicious, and it goes really well with the chicken rice and their homemade chilli sauce.

​The chilli itself packs a punch, and tastes just like the traditional Hainanese chilli. You definitely won’t want to miss it, especially if you love spicy food!

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​The meal comes with a bowl of white cabbage soup that looks simple, but tastes amazing. The broth contain the rich essence of the cabbage & white pepper that was added, giving it an overall cleanse in washing down any oil or dryness from the chicken rice itself!

​Oh, and did I forget to mention that every plate of chicken rice comes with a serving of their special acchar (Chinese pickles) that tasted sweet and fresh, adding another spectrum of sweetness to the whole dish.

Chinese Pickles 酸瓜 | Chinese Recipes at
​For me, this stall sells the best Roasted Chicken Rice thus far in my discovery & I will definitely recommend this stall to all you Chicken rice fans out there, as well as to anyone who would simply love to enjoy something so comforting & amazingly good dishes! The price is very affordable and I am certainly proud to include it as part of Uniquely SG most iconic dishes of all time!

Hup Hong Chicken Rice (合豐记鸡饭)

Address: Blk 254 Jurong East Street 24 #01-51, 600254 (Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre)

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 11:30 – 17:00 (Closed: Mon)
Tel: –

​Average Price: SGD $2.50 per plate

  • Extra ingredient of Chicken Parts at additional SGD $0.50 each

Whenever I’ve had a long day or need a pick-me-up, Hup Hong Chicken Rice is my go-to comfort food. The tender, juicy chicken and aromatic rice never fail to lift my spirits. I always leave feeling re-energized and ready to explore more of Singapore’s incredible food scene.

For the tastiest Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore, head straight to Hup Hong Chicken Rice in Yuhua Village Market. Just follow the crowds and heavenly aromas! Let me know what you think after you try it.

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