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My Favorite Noodles in Singapore – Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

Hey friends! I’m back with another food adventure to share. This time, I’ll be talking about my favorite place to get Singapore noodles in Singapore – Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen.

A Bit About Singapore Noodles

For those who don’t know, Singapore noodles are a stir-fried noodle dish that’s become quite popular, not just in Singapore, but around the world. It’s made with thin rice vermicelli noodles, curry powder, vegetables like bean sprouts and red bell peppers, proteins like shrimp or chicken, and scrambled egg.

The noodles get that iconic yellow color from turmeric and curry powder. The dish is sweet, savory, and slightly spicy thanks to the curry powder. You get a mix of textures from the soft noodles, tender vegetables, and proteins. Basically, Singapore noodles hit all the right notes in one dish!

While Singapore noodles are popular in Singapore, there’s actually some debate over whether the dish truly originated there or not. Some think it was created by Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong. Either way, it’s become a signature Singaporean dish that I just adore. The mix of flavors and textures is simply outstanding.

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen Review

The eateries at town are probably known for their expensive pricing and this is no surprise especially when it comes to foreign cuisines. The restaurants-options are pretty much available but it will be a slightly rare encounter if there isn’t any GST or service charge, while factoring in quality as a consideration too. My craving for Thai food never ends and it was one of those nights after a good workout that my friend suggested to bring me and try out this particular eatery. At the time of this writing, it has almost been my tenth time visiting & it has now became my favourite go-to place in town for Thai cuisine!

Named as Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen, this eatery serves up authentic Thai dishes that are specially prepared by traditional Thai chefs from Thailand.
Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen - Thai Restaurant in Balestier Zhongshan Park Singapore | OpenRice Singapore
Encompassing the essential Thai dishes to the more unique ones, diners will be spoilt for choices by its extensive menu without feeling a pinch.There is also specially curated bento lunch set as part of their day-menu to satisfy your tastebuds!

Established by the couple-duo, Keith & Candy, who yearn to offer a uniquely Thai food experience that features high-quality ingredients, fragrant herbs and flavoursome spices to our local Singaporeans.

​As a Thai national, Candy puts her local culinary skills to the test, tending to the main preparation of sauces & ingredients alongside with a Thai chef who tends to the cooking.

On the other hand, Keith tends to the entire restaurant’s operations involving marketing and the day-to-day business. Their uphold promise is to provide food that is hot and pairing together with a glass of cool Chang draught beer for the perfect treat! I always love visiting them to satisfy my Thai food cravings that are served at affordable prices and sumptuous quality. If there’s any particular Thai dishes that are not available on the menu, feel free to voice out and you can be rest assured that the chefs at Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen will strive to deliver their very best to accommodate to your request

Thai Stir Fried Basil with Pork | My Formosa Food. ​

At Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen, my all-time favourite dish would be none other than their Thai Stir Fry Basil Leaves Minced Pork which is an absolute must to order, simply by how palatable the taste is.

​There’s three main ingredient-options available to choose from such as minced chicken, minced pork and even sliced beef to execute this culinary recipe.I love how meticulous the waiters are as they would politely seek for your desired spicy level whereby you get to decide on the amount of spiciness. P.S, be warned that this dish does really has some fiery kick to it even for myself who is a fond lover of spiciness. The gravy coats on nicely onto the chewy minced pork to provide a savoury and well-flavoured touch, together with the fragrance of the basil leaves. You can totally feel the crunchiness of the green beans on every bite that has a good hint of wok fragrance. This dish is so delightful that all you need is a plate of white rice & you are on your way to paradise!

Indulging in any Thai food experience is always a must for me to order a bowl of Tom Yum Goong with Seafood. This dish is undeniably the default national dish in any Thai cuisine and it is also the ultimate test to a chef’s competency. Ideal for the perfect dish sharing, diners can choose between clear (creamy, non-spicy) or red (spicy) soup and their desired ingredient-options of either prawn, seafood, or chicken. Likewise, customisation in terms of spicy level will be probed by the friendly staff to cater to your palate. We opted for their red soup that has a very sweet and appetising flavour.

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen Review: Legit Thai Food At Beach Road With Claypot Jade Noodles - - Singapore Food Guide And Review Site
It bears sufficient amount of spices whose generous seafood ingredients in our case have contributed to both the overall sweetness & richness.

Despite us opting for the very spicy option, it is still smoothly bearable and its sourness is greatly on point.

Unlike some that has a strong hint of lemongrass, I am glad that the amount of lemongrass added is not too overpowering.

For a more unique dish-option, try their Signature Jade Noodle Claypot Flower Clam (Lala) which is probably the first time that I have ever came across such an interesting dish.

Adopting green, savoury spinach noodles that is stir-fry with generous portion of chewy flower clams, this dish is very appetising on its own as you can feel the aromatic spices of garlic etc.

The spinach noodles is very al dente & you can feel the delicate strand on every bite. Diners can expect this dish to be leaning more towards the drier side as the noodles are believed to have fully absorbed in the gravy. I would however have wished that there could be some gravy left to provide more moisture to the noodles. The other downside for improvement would be to include in more basil leaves and as well as wok fragrance to bring out the overall flavour and potential of this dish. Nonetheless, this dish is not at all spicy which might be great as a complementary dish to share around.

​To wrap things up, every visit to Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen has been a splendid one simply because of its uncompromising quality and its affordable price with no GST & service charge.

Till date, this eatery is the reason why I always look forward to indulging in a hearty plate of Thai Stir Fry Basil Leaves Minced Pork and it has undeniably became my comforting dish for this particular cuisine.

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen - Thai lunches with free flow drinks
​The presence of wok fragrance and fiery spices have greatly linger in my head and my tastebuds! I love how generous the ingredients-portions are which is yet so pocket-friendly as compared to other eateries that might just serve mediocre quality. It is just so soothing to complement my entire meal with their Tom Yum Goong and it will be such a blissed satisfaction. If you are looking at Thai cuisine in town, this would definitely be the place to satisfy your tastebuds for a true taste of authenticity & spices!

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

Address: 327 Beach Road, 199560

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 15:00   &   17:00 – 23:00​
Tel: +65 69090759

​Average Price:

  • SGD $10.00 – Thai Stir Fry Basil Leaves (Minced Pork)
  • SGD $10.00 – Tom Yum Goong with Seafood (Small)
  • SGD $12.90 – Signature Jade Noodle Claypot Flower Clam (Lala)

Beyond the food, I enjoy the ambiance at Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen. The restaurant has a casual, laidback vibe. There’s ample seating and it’s nicely decorated with Thai accents. It’s a comfortable spot to gather with friends and family.

They play a mix of American and Thai pop music. The servers are always friendly and attentive. Prices are reasonable too, especially at lunchtime when they have value meal sets available.

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen has become my go-to spot when I’m craving Thai food, especially excellent Singapore noodles. The food quality and flavors are consistently delicious each time I visit. The prices are fair and they offer lunch specials, making it easy to dine here often.

If you love Singapore noodles or Thai cuisine in general, I highly recommend checking out Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen on your next visit to Singapore. Let me know what you think in the comments! I’m always down to chat about food.

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